Sales Representative Information

      John Sharpe Sales Rep at Diasaw

      John Sharpe
      Regional Sales Manager
      Western Canada & N.W. USA
      Cell: (604) 341 0283
      Email: jsharpe@tsubaki.ca

      Sean Cuillerier Sales Rep at Diasaw

      Sean Cuillerier
      District Sales Manager
      Cell: (403) 461-6885
      Email: scuillerier@tsubaki.ca

      Devin Wakem Sales rep at Diasaw

      Devin Wakem
      District Sales Manager
      North Western USA
      Cell: 503-440-2400
      Email: devinwakem@ustsubaki.com

      Kevin Handregan Sales Rep at Diasaw

      Kevin Handregan
      District Sales Manager
      Manitoba & Saskatchewan
      Cell: (204) 930-1428
      Email: khandregan@tsubaki.ca

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