Titan Series Chain

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For Improved Wear Life

The Titan Series Chain offers the best in strength and extended wear life, unmatched by our competitors’ chains. Using the most recent findings from Tsubaki’s R&D, the Titan Series Chain combines the top features of our standard ASME/ANSI chain with new improvements to improve wear life in harsh and high speed environments.

The Advantages of Titan Series Chain

After being tested against other manufacturer’s chains, Tsubaki’s Titan Series Chain has been proven to outperform these competitors in similar environments.
How does it work? Titan chain reduces the wear between the pin and the bushing area, by lowering friction pins with a harder surface. The result is an improved wear life for Titan chain.

The Construction of Titan Series Chain

1. Special Coated Pins

Special coated pins offer a hard surface that lowers friction and reduces the wear between the pin and the bushing area. This leads to an improved wear life and reliable performance in environments with high debris.

2. Zinc Coated Pin Link Plates & Black Oxide Roller Link Plates

Coated pin link plates and roller link plates provide extra corrosion resistance, offering added protection for the chain.

3. Solid Lube Groove Bushing

The solid construction and round shape of Tsubaki’s PerforMaxTM bushings provides an improved contact surface between the pin and bushing. Lube grooves on the inner surface allow the bushing to further improve wear life by retaining oil at the point of contact. The seamless construction of the bushings is a result of being cold-formed from a solid piece of steel. These PerforMaxTM bushings are available in sizes 80-140.

4. Ring-Coined Connecting Links

Tsubakis’ Ring-Coined Connecting Links were developed to deliver longer service life in demanding applications, by increasing the durability and fatigue strength of the connecting links. This patented technology produces positive compressive stresses around the pitch holes to counteract shock loads.

Titan Series Chains are available in a variety of options for your drive chain applications, including:

  • Single and Multi-Strand
  • Attachment
  • Made-to-Order
  • Sizes 35-240