Super Series Chains

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The pursuit of higher performance has helped us created a stronger, longer lasting chain. Choose the model that best suits your needs.

Uses of the Super Series Chain

When an applications capacity exceeds that of standard RS series roller chain such as:

  • Harsh environments with heavy shock loads.
  • Compact drives. Single strand of Super-H series chain delivers the same maximum allowable load as a single strand standard RS chain.
  • When higher HP, tensile strength or maximum allowable load is required.


Description Max. Allowable Load Min. Tensile Strength
Super Chain 5–10% higher maximum allowable load than the previous series

*Available Sizes: 80-240, up to sextuple strand

140 109
HT Chain Twice the wear life of the previous series! Slip fit connecting links now available!

*Available Sizes: 60-240, up to triple strand

109 119
Super-H Chain 20% higher max. allowable load than the previous series!

*Available Sizes: 80-240, up to triple strand

162 123

With the increased maximum allowable load of the Super Series Chains, a single strand Super-H chain can now be used in lieu of standard double strand chain.

  • A smaller chain means a smaller sprocket.
  • A small chain and sprocket means more compact parts for your equipment.
  • You can reduce costs by using smaller chains and sprockets!