G8 Series Roller Chain

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Tsubaki’s G8 flagship chain is the result of a century of experience, offering 20% longer wear life than our G7 series. The G8 chain offers anti-rust lubrication and our one-of-a-kind solid lube groove bushings and patented Ring-Coined Connecting Links. With these features, you have a hard time finding a better performing chain.

By using advanced manufacturing technology, heat treatments, and selecting the optimal materials, Tsubaki is able to provide an unparalleled level of workmanship.

Performax Bushing

The most recent evolution in Tsubaki chain adds to the success of the 80th series chain, making another advance in chain manufacturing technology. The G8 combines lube grooves in the inside of the chain bushing with a proprietary forging process, which enhances the strength of construction.

Ring-Coined Connecting Links

Tsubaki’s patented Ring-Coined Connecting Links ensure that your chain will run at 100% of its rated maximum allowable load. Slip fit connecting links will typically cause a strength loss in chain operations, but Tsubaki’s ring-coined connecting links will nullify this effect.