Drop Sorter Chain

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When it comes to the forestry industry, there is no room for error. Precision and smooth operations are the key. Downtime and interruptions would cost you money! Tsubaki offers a full line supply of power transmission products with a focus on unsurpassed quality and your complete satisfaction.

Because here at Tsubaki, we don’t just bring you close to a century of experience, we bring you the Tsubaki Advantage: reliable premium products that don’t just perform, they outperform the competition. All the while saving you money.

Today’s sawmills generally use one of three chains for their drop sorter: 81X, C2100H or 3939 chains. Each chain is fabricated with an attachment to push or carry finished boards to a sorting bin by size. Like every operation in a sawmill, the drop sorter has to run at peak performance at all times. For critical applications, trust Tsubaki reliability.