About Diasaw

Diasaw began operating in 1988 as a manufacturer of shake and shingle mill equipment. The name Diasaw was derived from the fact that all the machines built were used for diagonal sawing required for cedar shakes and shingles. Over the years, Diasaw evolved into a leading manufacturer of sprocket and related drive components as well as provide a full service machine and fabrication shop, bearing and power transmission retail store.

conveyor chain at diasaw
blue drum assembly at diasaw

Diasaw was purchased by Tsubaki of Canada in December 2016. The strategy was to expand on Diasaw’s breadth and depth of stocked products as well as its capabilities to better serve the needs of the North American market. The goal is to deliver the utmost quality that the Tsubaki name carries to the local market with shorter lead time.

Diasaw is located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia in a 14,000 sq. foot facility. With quality products produced by our dedicated employees, Diasaw continues to offer good service and exceptional quality at a competitive price.

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